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How do I make my direct mail stand out?

How do I make my direct mail stand out?

Recently we spoke with a client about their marketing ideas and what they wanted to achieve in 2024.  They talked about digital marketing, always a favourite topic with my, and also marketing through street furniture and billboards.  I happen to mention direct mail maybe an option for them.  The response was “well I need to be convinced about this and how do I make my direct mail stand out?

The comment really made me think why?  How do I make my direct mail stand out?  Direct mail is one of the easiest, informative and creative ways to connect with an audience.   It always makes me ask why more companies don’t carry this sort of marketing out, it does not have to be really expensive but, it can really help with creating interest in a new product and strengthening your brand.


There are a few tips to remember when creating your direct mail 

  • Set your budget out before you start, remember there is design, print fulfilment and postage costs to consider. It may be easier to produce a small direct mail piece if you have not considered or used this form of marketing before
  • Remember to follow up on the direct mail, where you can, for a small targeted campaign to a known customer audience this can be a really good door opener and a chance to connect with clients that have not purchased from your business in a sometime
  • Choose your audience well. Make sure the data is “clean” as you do not want to waste your money, keeping the list update can really help with the ROI
  • Have a reason why you want to send a direct mail, it can be everything from brand awareness, launching of new website, to promoting a new service/product to a special offer.
  • If you can, make it personal, use names and addresses as this gives a connection between you and your customer. Research has shown us more people act on direct mail than the email equivalent
  • Design is so important and should be impactful, interesting along with fonts and logos easy to read and recognise.
  • Copy/Text keep this punchy and to the point – no one wants to read reams of copy!
  • Remember that your campaign should be combined with digital marketing and email marketing – this strengthens the message and creates a buzz on digital platforms with creative graphics
  • Track your campaign – there is no use spending the money if you are not going to follow up with calls, emails or see how your digital campaigns are progressing. This can be done by analysis through your website and digital platforms as well incoming emails and calls.  This will give you your ROI on each campaign
  • Remember you can do A/B testing so segment audiences and send the campaigns to see what works the best for different marketplaces. I remember we produced a campaign to end users then the same campaign to another marketplace and it did not go down well indeed.  We are still receiving business from the campaign we produced to end users over 10 years ago!

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