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Foil printing

Foiling is a traditional process which has evolved and become a hot print technique.  This use to be reserved for more expensive and luxurious projects such as packaging or business cards and even a cover on a brochure.  Now, thanks to modern technology there is so much more on offer.

Please scroll down to see the latest foiling options and what they are uses are.

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Hot foiling, the most traditional sort of foiling is over a hundred years old and is considered to be the traditional and probably for the purest, the best option for all foiling projects.  Hot foil can be used on most materials from luxury papers and boards to leather and parchment. 

The foil is heated up and with the die stamped on to the area required. 
Hot foiling is used for business cards, brochure covers, packaging, point of sale, stationery and much more 

Hot foil colours come in an array of colours and we can offer all sorts of colours from gold and silver to red, blue, black and clear and everything in between.  It is fair to say this technique has the biggest collection of colours.

To print with a foil a die has to be made which is the exact design of the area where the foiling is required.  The process of creating the die can add up to two days in the printing process so please allow extra time for printing.

Digital foil

Digital foiling is a fairly new process and the technical term is called sleeking.    This process can be used on silk paper with a matt or soft touch laminate. 

Digital foiling is not suited to uncoated papers.There are only a limited amount of colours available which means it can be quite useful if you only require golds or silvers. 

However, there are a few metallic options which are very popular.The really great point to digital foiling is it is suitable for personalisation, which means this can really add value and impact when using this on a direct mail campaign or invitations.

This technique is the most cheapest version and therefore the most used and popular of all the foiling options. The process is a printed version and is not raised it merely looks like foil print

Hot Foil

Hot foil is the traditional foil process and is available in a many colours from solid colours to metallic and holographic, the choice is endless.

These can be printed on all sorts of applications from business cards to brochures, folders and wedding stationery.

Scodix raised foil

Scodix is also a new process and one which gives a tremendous feel and look as this it a digital enhancement so is raised on the paper.  

Scodix can be used on silk paper and some uncoated papers, however, this is not for all uncoated papers and hot foiling has a better range than this and the digital foiling.  

Scodix comes in metallic colours with a limited colour choice for other plain colours.   Scodix is a secondary process, much like the other two foil options so needs extra production time.

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