Branding design

Sentio Marketing has worked with our customers to create, re-fresh and design branding and logos for their businesses.

Your branding and logo is the very hart of what your business offers, the integrity of the business and way it interacts with the customer base and wider audience.

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Branding and logo identity

Branding and logo identity are extremely important to any business and at Sentio we realise this is an essential must have for your business.

Over the years we have created many branding and logo identities for our customers and refreshed some where required.  

Brand and logos mean so much to a business because they say who and what you are.  Branding and identity gives you credibility and even heritage for some brands.

Logo design

Logos form part of the branding for any business and it is the single point where a customer or audience will recognise your brand.

We aim to create really innovative logos for our customers where they act as a strong point of contact and a recognisable part of what and who the company/business is.

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Brand guidelines

Once you have your branding and logos defined it is part of the branding process to produce the brand guidelines.

These brand guidelines give your marketing team and external agencies the understanding of how to use the colours, logos, and lexicon to give consistency and a uniform approach to your marketing strategy and assets.

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Branding identity

Brand identity refers to unique set of visual, design, and messaging assets which distinguish a brand from other brands and create memorable and recognisable graphics in customers minds. 

Whether you have a successful brand depends on having a well-formed brand identity: that is, the distinct lexicon and graphically rich 
appearance of a particular brand used to communicate its offering to the market place. 

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