Pure Cremation Funeral Planning


Pure Cremation Funeral Planning, launched in 2015,  has grown rapidly, developing a reputation for quality care delivered by caring people. We have successfully challenged funeral industry prejudices, proving that there is a real need for simple, dignified cremations at a sensible price.

Pure Cremation Funeral Planning

Key Objectives for Pure Cremation Funeral Planning

  • To produce an informative marketing asset which informed and educated the audience to the new way of planning funerals.
  • To create a high end graphically rich design of the brochure using a combination of high-quality images and compelling text and messaging
  • To produce high quality and large print run of brochures on time and budget
  • To react quickly to a growing market with updated graphic design and brochure printing

Sentio was asked to focus on these key objectives

  • Quality of the product produced
  • Work within a specific budget
  • Source imaginative images which were suitable for the subject matter and messaging
  • Produce samples and dummies of brochures previously designed and delivered by Sentio Marketing for other clients for the Senior Management Team to choose finishes and paper stocks
  • To make sure we delivered all marketing assets on time for delivery to care homes

Sentio’s approach and delivery

  • Full and comprehensive meeting, with the client was carried out where we took the brief for what the client required for the marketing assets
  • We offered a full and complementary dummy and sample pack for the client to choose paper stocks, size and finish
  • We set up a cloud drive where all stock images text and logos were stored for ease of all parties to download
  • We created all artwork in high resolution and low resolution for print and for email/web downloads
  • All marketing brochures and assets were delivered on time and budget to strict brand guidelines

Key outcomes delivered to Pure Cremation Funeral Planning

  • The client had a range of marketing assets fit for purpose and which delivered on all the requirements of the client
  • Liaising with all stakeholders to manage the expectations and delivery
  • The client has a brochure which informed and educated their audience to their services
  • The brand was protected by Sentio making sure all logos and images were in keeping with the brand guidelines
  • Not only did the client have a printed hard copy version of the brochure but we created a soft copy which could be downloaded from the website and emailed out to the customer base.
  • Sentio Marketing also delivered the brochures on time and budget. Making sure the quality of our work was produced through a KPI report and monitoring of all stages of the project.

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