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How to create a luxury door hanger

How to create a luxury door hanger

Recently, we have been asked to work with an aparthotel client, CitySuites they required luxury door hangers.  The question they asked of Sentio Marketing was, how to create a luxury door hanger, which really stands out.   The client really needed something special to hang on the doors in their properties.  A door hanger which had a unique look and feel.

We met with the client and understood what they required, and we were able to offer a full complimentary dummy and sample service which gave the client prototypes of what they needed.  We also gave full printed samples from our vast sample portfolio of previous projects.   We also worked with GF Smith, a paper merchant who offered samples and dummies.


We also chose a foil that would compliment, the paper, Colorplan Imperial Blue, which was supplied by Kurz Foils.  Once we received the designs we set to work and produced the die cut door hangers.


Top Tips for Door Hangers


  • Always get samples and prototypes to make sure the size is correct.  Too short and the door hangers will be hard to attach to the door handles, too long and they will get caught in the doors
  • Choose a good strong material that will really be as strong and resilient as possible, these will give your doorhangers longevity.
  • Ask for a pre-production sample if this is possible on the stock and with the print so you can test the door hanger on the door handle.
  • Don’t be frightened to use unusual papers and print techniques, such as SCODIX and foiling, this will help with delivering the message on the door hanger and helping your customers hang the door hangers when the room is empty.

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