An overview of Silverstring Ltd

Silverstring brochures 

Silverstring is a medium sized business based in Oxfordshire.  It is headed up by CEO, Alistair Mckenzie.  Silverstring is an IBM premium partner.  The main product Silverstring offers is PREDATAR. 


“Predatar transforms the proven reliability and reputation of the IBM Spectrum Protect solution into a unique cloud, analytics, mobile and social combination that MSPs can use to differentiate, deliver and grow their data protection services.”

Silverstring’s hybrid cloud data protection is a proven response to this challenge. It has transformed how businesses  safeguard their most precious asset, in a flexible, transparent service that scales economically with their data needs.


Key Objectives for Silverstring Ltd


Sentio was asked to produce all the sales and marketing assets in digital and print format for sales team.  We were briefed to create engaging and graphically rich text, designs and print for 5 data/product sheets along with a folder to showcase the information.


We were asked to focus on these key objectives:


  • To create engaging and informative text that would draw the reader in and inform and educate them in Silverstring’s premier product PREDATAR;
  • We needed to create the artwork, but, not to deviate from the brand guidelines just extend the look of the hexagons and lines.
  • We created new and unique info graphics for each data sheet with text supplied by the client;
  • The designs were then set up in colour codes for each data/product sheet to differentiate between different services and outcomes for Silverstring. We created a strong colour for each data/product sheet
  • We created artwork for print and web/email formats;
  • The graphic design idea was created as a pdf presentation piece then rolled out over the 5 data sheets once the template had been agreed by the client;
  • The folder was created as a tactile and creative piece of design using the Silverstring colour palette of cool blues and grey.
  • Sentio was asked to offer unusual and innovative print techniques to help engage with the target audience. The items were printed litho with biodegradable inks on Zen paper (luxury uncoated paper from G F Smith)





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Purple colour across the top with more images of the data sheets


Sentio’s Approach and delivery

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Sentio met with the marketing manager, to talk through her ideas.  We discussed the client’s requirements i.e. why, what and budget.  Once we had a clear idea of what was required we were able to build the brief for the client and check with her that we had included her ideas and needs.


Our initial work started in February 2016 and we created a presentation pdf with an idea to create the logo and branding but with a more interesting approach.  We did this and the client was delighted.  We then took the template and rolled it out over the separate data/product sheets using a new colour for each product. 


Once the data/product sheets had been signed off we then set about creating the folder with a brief from the client and an idea to make these graphically beautiful and engaging to whet the appetite of the customer’s clients.


The client was delighted and they now have engaging marketing assets/materials to take to meetings and exhibitions to help promote and inform new clients and most importantly win business.


Key outcomes delivered to Silverstring


Having met all of the original key objectives that we were contracted to deliver the key outcomes delivered to Silverstring were:


  • Printed marketing materials that engage catch the eye of the recipient and involved Silverstring to build relationships and sales in their premium product PREDATAR
  • To deliver all assets on time and budget for meetings and exhibitions
  • We created unique info graphics for each of the data sheets from the brief given. These info graphics will be used in all formats and from print to web.
  • Sentio delivered the graphic design within the brand guidelines and also created new colour palettes for the client to use.
  • We found new print techniques to help make the folder and individual data/product sheets stand out and feel more tactile and readable.
  • Our client was delighted that we were able rise to the challenge and deliver creative and interesting marketing assets on time and budget. 

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