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How do I get my labels right for my brand?

How do I get my labels right for my brand?


Credit Nicole Jourdan

How do I get my labels right for my brand?  A great question for anyone who is starting a new business or producing new products in their portfolio.   We have been working with new start-up businesses recently and they require labels for their candles and bottles.   

There are really critical points to remember when ordering labels and getting them right for your brand and we have listed them below to help give you some reminders and points for your checklist.  We hope these points help in your design and production for the labels

Credit Nicole Jourdan

Top tips to help get your labels right for your brand 

  • First of all, set your budget. This is key to helping you obtain design and print quotes. This will also help with your ideas so it maybe you would like special paper or special print techniques, or you want your labels a special size.  All this will impact on your budget and the ability to produce what you want as opposed to what is financially possible.
  • Think about your brand i.e., logo, colours, and font and make sure these are all adhered to. Changing the look of a brand leads to inconsistency and confusion the more the audience sees the brand the more the reputation will be strengthened and also the recognition of the brand too.
  • Think about how your labels will be positioned on your product. For example, you may wish to have a neck wrap on a bottle and a small thin label on a glass candle, so this is key to have the idea mapped out.  Remember too if you have a range of products then each label can be coloured coded to each product.  The design can stay the same but, for example, the background colour can change for each product.
  • Think about the finish you would like on the label. You may wish to have a special print technique such as SCODIX, digital foiling, hot foiling, SCODIX foiling, matt/velvet lamination or just an unusual paper.
  • Samples for papers and print techniques can be requested by yourself from Sentio Marketing or from a paper merchant, please just ask us
  • Speak with your designer and make sure they have an understanding of what you require. It maybe you need to send them ideas which you can either send samples or browse through the internet and send links and ideas.  Remember there are some really good tools to use such as Shutterstock, iStock and Brands of the World if you need to put a logo from a trade association site such as The World Land Trust.
  • It is advisable to send your designer a brief for the labels especially if you are producing a range of products that need packaging and labels
  • Speak to your print company along with your designer so each is kept up to speed with the designs. Your print company will be able to help the designer in achieving the look and feel of the labels.  This is key if you are looking to add foiling or another print technique.
  • Speak to Sentio or your print supplier about requesting samples of the labels printed with your design, whilst there is a cost for this service it is easier for you to see the finished article that way and you can understand how your designs on the labels will look as, a finished article.
  • Once you have created your plan and finished the process you can then understand how you got my labels right for your brand?



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