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What is Scodix digital enhancement?

What is Scodix digital enhancement?

What is Scodix digital enhancement? From the very start of Sentio Marketing’s inception and creation our aim was to offer services and products which are new, unusual, exciting and innovative.  We have not ceased to offer the exciting and continue in our quest to offer innovation in all forms.  When we found the new and exciting SCODIX digital enhancement we were so excited because we felt it was a game changer!

Scodix digital enhancement

What is the Scodix digital enhancement?

SCODIX is a print finishing product that is applied to the print after it has been printed with CMYK.  Alternatively, it can be applied without print for example on white postcards.  SCODIX is a raised gloss or foil that sits on the paper and so does not need to be applied by a die or forme, such as hot foiling would require.

SCODIX was created in Israel in 2007 by Eli Grinberg & Kobi Bar.  The launch was in 2010 so this is a very new technology.

Below we have listed some of the ways SCODIX digital enhancement can offer to your marketing printing:

  • SCODIX UV digital enhancement, the most traditional and used finish for marketing such as business cards, brochures and folders.
  • SCODIX Braille this is to help blind and visually impaired people with being able to read books and brochures
  • SCODIX foil to include gold/silver/bronze/rose gold and many more colours
  • SCODIX Glitter this process gives the look of glitter but without the “mess”
  • SCODIX Metallic this is a process that gives a metallic colouring with a SCODIX gloss
  • SCODIX Crystals this effect is the UV that is raised even more than the SCODIX gloss, the polymer is a high build effect and can be used in greetings cards.
  • SCODIX Cast & Cure this gives holographic finish
  • SCODIX VDE this is for personalisation with foil and the SCODIX gloss


How can I use SCODIX in my marketing?

SCODIX digital enhancement can be used in all sorts of applications it is versatile and priced to make sure it can be used in various parts of marketing materials.

Below is the list to show how SCODIX digital enhancement can be used in your marketing materials

Important Notes

  • SCODIX is a fairly new innovation and works well on coated papers with lamination and without lamination
  • Through our research and development with our paper merchants we now have been able to offer papers such as Colorplan and Zen from GF Smith and Fedrigoni Soho Nature Touch Class, Soho Tintoretto Touch Class Gesso and Arcoprint
  • We can offer the SCODIX Foil on Zen which is an uncoated paper
  • We can also offer SCODIX with traditional foiling too.
  • SCODIX machines are set up to work with Indigo presses and can take paper size at SRA3. However, some machines can go to B1 in size.
  • SCODIX has worked hard to increase the portfolio of products for the uncoated range and you can find out more here SCODIX Uncoated 
  • SCODIX is offered as an extra technique and this comes with an extra cost to your marketing spend.

If you would like further information or would like to arrange an informal chat to discuss your marketing and up and coming projects please contact us by emailing Sentio Marketing

We also offer a sample pack to see our work and examples of what can be achieved through our marketing services.

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