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How do I make my marketing brochures stand out?

How do I make my marketing brochures stand out?

During this time, more than ever, Sentio Marketing is seeing marketing brochures are a real must for businesses.  Marketing brochures help communicate and sell your business to potential new clients.  So how do I make marketing brochures stand out?

The idea of the marketing brochure, in some way, has really moved forward because they are have become far more graphic and far more informative.  Marketing brochures are able to have the ability to really connect with the audience.  Now we have more innovation with design, paper and print to really produce outstanding marketing brochures.

How do I make the design of my marketing brochures stand out?

  • First of all, make sure you have a design brief for your designer/design agency
  • Make sure you have the brand guidelines too as these will be crucial to making sure your brand is protected and the brand message is reinforced with your audience/customers
  • Think about your message – make sure is it strong to the point and easy for customers to understand your product/service offering
  • Have a photographer take professional images of your products/services/office environment with staff.  Great pictures really sell the company.
  • Alternatively use photo libraries such as iStock or Shutterstock they have images you can download for a few pounds that are professional and are available in high resolution.
  • Content is King remember this is so true and so important when getting your message through to your customers/audience no matter.  Make sure the text is informative, relevant and interesting.  Don’t use text because you have to use because it is needed.
  • Make sure the spelling checker is on!  How many marketing brochures have gone to print when there are simple little errors in the spelling?


How do I make the feel of my brochures stand out?

  • This is just as important as the design and the printing.  The paper and specification and size of the marketing brochure can really set this apart from other brochures.
  • Think about a square brochure, such as 210 x 210mm this is different from A4 portrait and makes the brochure look a bit different
  • Think about different bindings such as, Canadian Binding or saddle stitch with bespoke colours for the wires.  All these little touches can really set the marketing brochure alight with creativity!
  • Use a combination of papers from a textured cover to a high-quality silk/matt paper.  Just ask your design agency to supply dummies and samples for you to choose the papers
  • Remember the subtle colours can be just as the brightly coloured papers don’t be afraid to push the boundaries!
  • Use a slipcase or a wallet style envelope to present your marketing brochures – this adds the excitement of opening and reading the brochures


How do I make the printing of my marketing brochures stand out?

  • We now have lots of new print finishing techniques to help your marketing brochures look and feel professional and high-quality!
  • We offer SCODIX printing in a clear gloss finish or a foil in rose gold/gold/bronze/silver and of course the standard colours too!
  • SCODIX gives the look and feel of a raised finish to the printing with the clear or foil effect.
  • Digital foiling is a new and exciting form of foiling that comes in all the colours that SCODIX foil comes in but, does not have the raised finish to the printing.  Digital foiling is great for printing on coated paper with soft touch lamination
  • Hot Foil is the more traditional form of foiling and is when a stamp is made and then pushed into the paper with a foil on the area where the foil is to be applied.
  • Laser cutting is a great way to die cut an image on a front cover.  The laser uses a heat to cut around the image and then leaves an area that does not have the paper in.
  • Special pantones – these are great for creating really fun colours and/or making sure the brand is protected and has the correct colour for the company.

Please note all these processes do add an additional cost to the printing.

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