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Why having dummies and samples is so important

Why having dummies and samples is so important

As part of our marketing offering, we have always endeavoured to offer a first-class service to our customers.  Part of this first class service is offer a full sample and dummy service.    dummies and samples for marketing projects   This service offers everything from samples of our work to dummies and videos of our work to small sample print runs.    The sample and dummy service is all part of the research and development of marketing projects.

The reason we do this is very simple; the customer can get a really good idea of what the finished product will look like.  This is the main reason for having dummies and samples for marketing projects and why they are so important.

What samples can Sentio offer?

We provide all the following FREE samples to our customers

  • Samples of previous work we have produced for our customers to showcase design, unusual papers and innovative print techniques, such as SCODIX and foiling.
  • We also have sample packs of brochures/postcard sets showcasing the different paper and print techniques too.
  • Samples of unusual papers, we can order A5/A4/A3 sheets and bespoke sizes of papers and boards to suit your requirements. Our suppliers GF Smith, Fedrigoni, Winter and Company and Antalis are more than happy to help with your requirements
  • We also offer envelope samples too and these can be made in many different papers and sizes, DL/C6/C5/C4 and C3 as well as bespoke sizes.
  • We offer a sample swatch range of papers from our manufacturers too so if you would like to see the complete collections please email us here. These samples swatches help with choosing colours, textures and thickness.  We will arrange a full set of samples to be sent to you from each paper merchant.
  • We also send samples out to help customers understand how the print will sit on the paper and in many cases if the papers can be written on with soft touch lamination. All this helps when the client decides what processes they would like to use in their marketing assets, from folders, brochures and packaging

How can I order dummies for my marketing projects?

We offer a FREE range of dummies for marketing projects

  • Dummies are a great way of seeing what, for example, a brochure/folder/luxury business card or packaging item will look like.
  • The dummies are supplied on the paper, but, are obviously not printed at this stage as they are just for the look and feel of the marketing item.
  • Dummies can be created in different sizes/shapes and papers so we can give options for our customers to choose the option they would like.
  • When sending marketing assets in a direct mail we always recommend in getting the dummies created, fulfilled into the envelopes and posting out. This helps understanding how their customers will receive the direct mail or brochure for example.  It will also help understanding the cost involved in posting out a direct mail campaign, for example.


What other dummies and samples can be offered?


At Sentio Marketing  we offer a dummy and sample paid  service.  For projects of high value or new projects which need a more detailed sample and dummy service we offer a hard copy sample/dummy service and samples service.


This service really helps customers understand the process and irons out any issues with the design/paper/print before a print run commences.  For this service, please ask us for more details and  for a quote for the costs involved.

If you would like further information or would like to arrange an informal chat to discuss your marketing and up and coming projects please contact us by emailing Sentio Marketing

We also offer a sample pack to see our work and examples of what can be achieved through our marketing services.

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