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How do I start my digital marketing campaigns?

How do I start my digital marketing campaigns?

When Sentio Marketing first started our campaigns we were quite new to digital marketing; this was a few years ago now but now we have moved forward and postively embraced digital marketing.  We had concentrated on printed media and word of mouth marketing (viral marketing) to win customers and work, to be honest we still use this medium very successfully but, it is always good to have other channels to market.  So this question "How do I start my digital marketing campaigns?" was as important for us as it is for our clients.

There are various digital marketing platforms to launch your campaigns from and they all vary with their budgets.  I have listed below some of the platforms which you may like to consider

Digital Marketing Platforms

Google PPC.  Google is a great platform for businesses to use to promote their brand.  Google offer help, however, caveat emptor, they can be expensive and since 2020 the cost has increased as everyone is now online to purchase and find goods and services.  This platform can be good for B2C and B2B customers.  Also, you will need a Google account to set this up.  Be prepared to have a healthy budget for this platform as you can spend £700.00 per month upwards if you do not keep a check on this.

Saying all of this we have used Google Ads and been very successful with winning business.

Google also has Google Shops and Google Display which are part of the family.

If you have a visual product (s) to sell this is and can be very effective to use.

Facebook  Another great platform and our other company Hopping Dog Cards uses this very successfully during peak buying times such as the Platinum Jubilee and Christmas events.  Their products sell really well and large spikes in sales are a good ROI for these ads.

The spend with Facebook tends to be much cheaper and you can spend as little as £3.00 per day on this platform.  Facebook is good for brand awareness and creating reels and videos to upload and publish.

Facebook is also very good for the B2C market so brands like Mint Velvet, Tiffany and Aldi all do well with carousel and video marketing.

Facebook also have the advantage of having shops to offer and this is where you can sell on Facebook or link your sales through to your website.  If you have a Shopify website then this can be done through linking your Facebook account to your Shopify website, very easy to do!

Instagram  This brand is owned by Facebook so setting up campaigns and shops is the same as Facebook.  I think Instagram is good for influencers, so this is worth remembering when you have a product which needs promoting.  The demographic is younger than Facebook, but that said often people are on both.

X (formerly known as Twitter)   X is good for short comments on day’s events, such as sporting events, the Commonwealth Games, Wimbledon, Rugby and also political events.  Advertising is offered and you can promote your business and products on this platform.  Twitter is good as it has a calendar of events so you can plan campaigns around these in advance.

TikTok  This platform has really risen to the fore over the past few years.  TikTok is a sponsor of the 6 Nations Rugby, so it is invested in sport.  It has a huge following, more than Facebook and is used by younger people as it is great for creating videos which is what younger people like.  Again, there is a marketing package you can get from this platform, and it link it to your website.  Not all businesses are on TikTok as the more corporate tend to use LinkedIn.

YouTube  I love this platform I can upload lots of video content and post on my website and on other social media platforms.  This has been around longer and is also a great platform to find “stuff out” like tutorials and understanding products which you are thinking of purchasing.  I can see how my videos perform and build up the audience here.

LinkedIn  This platform is mainly used for businesses and should only be for businesses who really want to promote their business and services.  I always use to think of this as Facebook for grown-ups!  I use it to post updates about my business and services and product launches.  I also use it to find new customers too.  This has an ads service too and can be fruitful if targeted to the right marketplace.

Pinterest  Personally, I love this too, I have used this for my B2C business but, saying this, I attended a webinar and SAGE have used this very successfully in campaigns to win new business through targeted marketing ads and campaigns. 

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