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Re-branding my brand and what do I need to do?

Re-branding my brand and what do I need to do?

Rebranding your brand is a great way to freshen up a brand and the look and feel and some companies do this as they grow in sales, products and services.  Some brands do this as they just feel the logos and identity do not fit where they are now and need a freshen up to lead them into the next phase of their business.


What do I need to do for my re-brand?

First of all decide your budget.  How much do you want to spend on re-branding your brand and please remember this is not just changing a logo, but, it involves all aspects of your business.  Please find below a check list of items you may need to consider with the re-brand

  • Logo and brand guidelines
  • New website or updated website with new branding and logo
  • Email signatures
  • Social media banners and icons
  • Business stationery such as business cards, compliment slips and letterheads
  • Marketing collateral for example brochures, folders, direct mail, exhibition stands, marketing campaigns
  • Merchandise, included in this is uniform such as polo shirts, workwear, mugs, pens, notebooks and any giveaways
  • Signage and if needed car livery/stickers


You will need to budget for all of this and it can be expensive, so you may need to roll out branding if needed, over stages to fit in with your budget.

Once you have your budget then you can find your agency.   It is worth looking at local companies first as this will help with calls and face-to-face meetings.  Check each company and make sure they can offer all the items you will require.  For example, Sentio Marketing can produce all of the above items and we have a strong team behind us who can deliver on brand message and storytelling to graphic design and printed assets.   


When you have found your agency then you can move forward with your re-branding.  The agency will take you through your process:

  • An account director and or account manager will be appointed to look after your re-branding
  • A graphic designer will be in charge of your new look and this may be one or several designers depending on the size of the rebrand
  • The web designer and developer will work on the new look website and the new build should a website be part of the re-brand.
  • Print specialist and a production manager will also be appointed to make sure the re-brand runs smoothly.
  • We always have a WIP sheet and or a KPI report to make sure we are delivering on time and budget; this is shared with the client.

If you have all the back up support in place then your re-brand should run smoothly, however it is worth pointing out there are always unforeseen influences which may come into play.

Here are some of the businesses we have helped with branding requirements 

Opulence Thoroughbreds 

Stratford Preparatory School 


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We also offer a sample pack to see our work and examples of what can be achieved through our marketing services.


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