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How to create great graphic design for invitations

How to create great graphic design for invitations

In this news item I am going to talk/write about how to create great graphic design for invitations.  If you are thinking about a wedding invitation or party invitation for birthday or wedding anniversary party.

Why am I writing about this topic?  Well, I thought it pertinent now with the Coronation of King Charles III around the corner.  The design for the invitation has been released and, in my opinion, it is really lovely, fresh and modern in design.


Here are the top tips for How to create great graphic design for invitations.

  • First of all think about what colours you like, if you are getting married there may be a colour scheme you would like to have. Also don’t be afraid to use corresponding colours with your chosen colour so for example use purple with orange.
  • Think about the theme, for example the design for the King Charles and Queen Camilla’s invitation is about the four nations and the double “C” cipher. Also, Flowers appear in groupings of three, signifying The King becoming the third monarch of his name.
  • If possible, create a brief for your designer showing them ideas of what you like but, adding in your ideas.
  • Set a budget for the graphic design and make sure the design is going to work with the print side of the invitation. What can happen is that great ideas sometimes don’t work in print and you can always print of a sample from you office or home printer and then see if you like what it looks like in print.  Remember this will not be the quality of printing you will get form a commercial press, such as an Indigo or Litho press.
  • Think if you would like text and or images too as some people just like a simple text on the invitation. The King’s coronation invitation has lots of imagery to signify remembrance, the motif of the Green Man, an ancient figure from British folklore, symbolic of spring and rebirth, to celebrate the new reign.
  • What size would you like your invitation – would you like it A5/A6 or a bespoke size, but remember the envelopes will cost more if you are going for a bespoke size
  • There are also print finishes, like SCODIX or foiling, which can enhance the look and feel of the design. However, sometimes less is more!
  • Always ask your graphic designer for the original files, if they will send these to you as legally they are the artist and therefore own the copyright.


Invitations are really personal to each event and person so make sure you really get what you want from your graphic design and work with your graphic designer to ensure you have let them understand what you want.

The invitation for the Coronation has been designed by Andrew Jamieson, a heraldic artist and manuscript illuminator whose work is inspired by the chivalric themes of Arthurian legend. Mr Jamieson is a Brother of the Art Workers’ Guild, of which The King is an Honorary Member.

Graphic designers are there to make your ideas come to life and give you exactly what you would like for your special day or event.

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