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What’s new in brochure design and print?

What’s new in brochure design and print?

Just recently we have started work with a client working on the production of some special luxury brochures.  The first question they asked is what’s new in brochure design and print? What they want is something so different (we have worked with them previously and they always push the boundaries on their printed marketing assets) and so called on our expertise to help deliver on an outstanding printed brochure.

Making your brochure stand out

We talked about their requirements and what they wanted to achieve, and they had a vision of how they wanted the brochure to stand out.  However, what they required was something so different we had to check this could be achieved and this meant speaking to finishing experts within our teams.

We then despatched a full sample range of new and exciting paper materials and dummies to help the client understand what could be achieved using new and innovative products.  Providing dummies for any project, large or small is so important, because it gives the client look and feel of what the printed asset will feel and look like.  From here the client could choose what finish they would like as they required die-cutting and de-bossing.

brochure design and print

Innovation and research 

With all new innovation there is research and development which is required from making sure the board, which was silver and had a shiny finish, did not scratch easily or did not crack when folded.

We started our process by contacting our trusted partners in the paper industry, Mirri from Celloglass and GF Smith, Peregrina Classics range who helped with providing new substrates, samples and dummies.  These papers gave our client the option of choosing something really different and something that had not been used previously in design and print of brochures but, more in line with packaging.

Sentio can offer innovative products, services and assets to help your business move forward.  Especially now, as companies are having more face-to-face meetings and sales exhibitions, the need for a quality brochure with unusual papers and printing techniques such as SCODIX, foiling, embossing and die-cutting can really help with conveying the message and making your marketing assets stand out from the competition.

If you would like further information or would like to arrange an informal chat to discuss your marketing and up and coming projects please contact us by emailing Sentio Marketing

We also offer a sample pack to see our work and examples of what can be achieved through our marketing services.

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