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How to get started in Facebook Marketing

How to get started in Facebook Marketing

I thought it really important to write a news item on how to get started in Facebook marketing.  We are all on Facebook nowadays and it is still the biggest social media platform in the world with around 1.8billion subscribers.  It is important that when marketing you really use this great marketing platform for your business. 


As a business Sentio Marketing has been providing social media marketing for a few years now (ever evolving Sentio) and we have fully embraced this form of marketing and also all the tools you can use to market your brand and grow your audience and sales.


How do I get started in Facebook Marketing?

  • It is very simple all you have to do is open your personal account and from there you can create a business account.
  • Go to your home profile page and on the left there is a little house and then your profile picture and then the fifth icon down is a group of dots click on that.
  • Then the screen will show you a Social Entertainment and then Create and under the Create click page
  • Once you have done this then you can create your page for your business.
  • Name the page with your business name
  • Add in all the company details, Facebook helps you build your profile with prompts, you simply go down the list and add in all relevant information
  • The once you have done this you can click on the left-hand side and use the Meta Business Suite to link your Instagram account and Facebook account together, again all the instructions will be simple to follow via the Meta Business Suite
  • From the Meta Business Suite, you can schedule posts, stories, reels and Go Live Once you start your posts you can simply create for Facebook and Instagram, it is super easy!  You can safe so much time too, by posting from the Meta Business Suite.
  • Also, from the Meta Business Suite you can get all your insights by clicking on Insights. This is a good tool as you can set goals and objectives here to help grow your audience and brand
  • Now the page has been created start posting and remember if you are sharing content keep it relevant and interesting and if you have graphics or images to use then use these as much as possible as these really engage with your audience.


I will be covering more on reels and Facebook Ads Manager which is a completely fabulous way to market your business. 

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Mari Smith – Facebook Guru and I like her posts and videos, very helpful indeed.

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