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How to make your packaging stand out?

How to make your packaging stand out?

Packaging is a great way to not only sell a product but, get your brand recognised and to stand out from your competition.  The team thought it would be great to answer the question; how to make your packaging stand out?

If you look at the some of the great brands like Apple, CocaCola, Chanel, Microsoft they all have one thing in common, they keep the packaging and their branding simple.  In Apple and Channel’s cases they are pure white background with their logo embossed or foiled on top of the box or bag.   In Apple’s case they use different coloured logos to offer different products so the multi-coloured logo or a silver logo or a black logo is used.  Whatever the colour the logo stays the same.  This keeps the brand fresh and moves it forward, notwithstanding the fact it can differentiate different products.

We have given some top tips to help you along when thinking about your packaging requirements and help it stand out.

Packaging Top Tips

  • Make sure you have your budget for the project clearly priced – this will make sure you get exactly what you require and not give you false expectations of what can and cannot be achieved for your budget.
  • Stick to your brand guidelines – these are so important to have the correct logos in vector format and high-resolution PDFs.  Keep to your colour palate too this is so important if you are producing large or continuous runs of packaging in different sizes and shapes.
  • Ask for test samples – there is usually a charge for this but, better to be safe than sorry and have a product that is too small, or the website is missing!
  • Ask for samples of papers and ask if you are concerned if the materials are eco-friendly or if there is an option to have paper that is carbon balanced or manufactured in the UK.  This will all help when marketing to your customers.
  • Once the tests are complete and you are happy with the packaging then you can move to production.
  • There are also laminations that can help with the packaging to maintain the integrity of the boxes for example anti-scuff lamination.
  • Think about using some different print techniques such as SCODIX, Foiling, Digital printing or unusual papers
  • Graphic design is just as important as the printing part and using either simple graphics or very colourful images and logos will really help with the impact, it is all about knowing your target audience.

Remember one important point, you may have an idea of what your packaging should look like but, printing is a science so be prepared to compromise if you cannot have all you want on the packaging!  Have a few ideas and see which one will work the best.

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