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How to understand what and how to post on social media?

How to understand what and how to post on social media?

Just recently Sentio Marketing have been working on one of our client’s social media marketing and in doing so we always give reports on the work I have carried out on a weekly basis.  In the reports I talk about the results on the different posts and what has been more successful and why.

For that particular client, we needed to explain what the different posts are and why we posted the content we choose on their social media channels.  This is because they are not specialists in this area (this is why I am working with them!).  I think explaining why and what you are doing is really important to the client, this gives them a clear understanding of what they are getting and the interaction between the audience and their brand, and of course the results, which is what it is all about!

Below are some helpful tips, because I think that is so important to give information on how to help you, our clients and audience, to understand the social media marketing.

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What is a post on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram posts are public messages posted to a Facebook user's entire audience or on a specific person's profile page (or "wall"). Businesses utilise posts to continually provide a presence to their audience and potentially attract new followers.

Regular posts are the first step to facilitating engagement with past and future customers on Facebook and Instagram, and companies that successfully leverage the world's most popular social media platform master the art of crafting posts that connect with users.


What is a story on Facebook and Instagram?

Stories are a feature that allows users to post photos and video clips on their feeds that vanish after 24 hours. Reminiscent of Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram stories tell your business's ongoing 'tale' and are meant to be used for your brand's inner pages while your feed is the cover

Stories on Instagram are similar to stories on Facebook. When you crosspost, features such as "swipe up" carry over to Facebook stories, so you can reach your business objectives faster by engaging more people.


What is a reel on Facebook and Instagram?

Reels on Facebook and Instagram are a short-form video format complete with music, audio, AR effects, and other options. You can watch reels from creators and make your own reels to share with friends and the world. Reels are really good for getting noticed and you will see the results below for the reels which show huge engagement.


Can I schedule posts on social media platforms?

Yes and the good news is it is quite easy to do.   I schedule posts all the time through the Meta Business Suite, or I can do this from Twitter and LinkedIn too.  When you create a post there are little buttons at the bottom of your post and all you have to do is hover these and they tell you what the buttons are for – so if you are not savvy in this area just have a play.

Once you have found these tools then use them to your advantage.  I set time aside each week to post and schedule posts, reels and stories on all my channels.  I know then everything is done for the week.  Of course, I do post when I want to if I have something that comes up that is worth posting and this does happen.


Can I post on all social media channels from one platform?

Most definitely!   There are some good platforms on the market where you can, for a fee, add all your social media feeds onto one account and then post a story, video or piece of content and it will post to all the social media accounts.  From this platform you can also schedule posts too.

These are very handy and great to use but, for some businesses they may only have two or three social media accounts so it maybe not be cost effective to do this as you can post and schedule from the different social media accounts.  Facebook and Instagram have Meta Business Suite so this is great for posting on these accounts and you can schedule from there too.

The platforms for use on posting are, for example,  Hootsuite and  Sprout Social for example.  These platforms do have 60-day or 30-day free trial but, you have to pay after that.  For smaller businesses it may not be cost effective to use these platforms.


Can I sell on social media platforms?

Yes and lots of businesses do.  Form clothing to stationery to e-learning and food and drink.  In fact, you can pretty much sell anything on social media.  Instagram seems to be a really good platform and you can have lots of success on this platform.

To be clear you need to have the check from each social media platform – you cannot just set up a shop each account and business needs to be verified by platform.


How do I get more page followers and likes?

  • Very simply it is about having a good clean social media account interface.
  • For example, make sure all your contact details and links are current and easy to find on the opening page of your account.
  • Create content that is easy to view and relevant to your brand and the story you want to tell.
  • If you can, have a designer design a banner that fits on your social media headings, this helps with creating and strengthening your brand message and story
  • Upload posts reels and stories and schedule these so they drop in over a week
  • You can get more followers and likes by simply posting reels and video content but, as with Google you will need to do this regularly as this is all about making sure the algorithms on the social media platforms understand your posting and help promote your business. This takes around 4-6 weeks.
  • A quicker way to help with promotion is paid ads. These can be expensive if you are going down the Google PPC route but, cheaper on social media.  If you have accounts already I am sure the platforms will be marketing to you about your paid ads and offering vouchers to get you started!  They are all very good at this sort of marketing.

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