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What is Scodix foil printing?

What is Scodix foil printing?

What is Scodix foil printing?

Scodix foil printing


Recently, we have been working on many print projects with more luxurious finishes and quality, although we offer these services, we now can see the market is demanding these more and more as we move forward.  This is where Sentio Marketing can offer the full range of foiling.  Scodix foil has been a real game changer and winner for many businesses and so we thought it would be great to answer the question; What is Scodix foil printing?

Scodix as a print finish has been around for a relatively small amount of time, only about 10 years so the technology is new and ever evolving.  Scodix has many applications and one of these is the foiling option.  It is very similar to the hot foil option in the finish but, it is dramatically different in so far it is a print finish and so no blocks are needed, and artwork can be amended and there is no extra charge per print run.  The foil also is raised, a bit like the Scodix digital enhancement option.  The overall effect is quite simply stunning, and it is suitable for all sorts of applications.


Scodix Foil Printing – the applications

Business Cards

Wedding Stationery


Direct Mail


POS – point of sale


Leaflets and postcards

In fact, we think Scodix foil can be used on any application.  For any job large of small and everything in between.  The great thing to we now can print on GF Smith Zen paper which is made in the UK and also we can offer a World Land Trust certificate to help give a donation to this great cause, so all the time we are innovating with new print and paper options.  Scodix foil for printing really is the new foiling technique that will lift the print and offer a great option other than hot foiling and digital foiling.

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