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What information should I have on my website?

What information should I have on my website?

I thought I would write a news item about the correct information on a website.  Sentio Marketing has produced a variety of websites for clients over the years from small businesses to larger businesses.  All have the same ambition and requirement but not all need detailed information.  De-bunking some of the myths and helping understand some of the requirements is a huge part of credibility for your business.   So, what information should I have on my website?

Make your website credible

Recently, I have visited some websites which have been creative or shown the work off really well but, when I looked for further information on the team, or looked for the social media channels and links I just could not find any.  It did not stop there, as there was no information about the address or contact details and only a mobile number and one email address.

Here are my top tips for getting your website in “tip top” condition and following best of breed practices for being credible 

  • Remember when someone is visiting your website they are entering your online shop so make It welcoming, whether you are a B2B or a B2C company the thought process must be the same.
  • On the home page give a strong call to action (CTA) as this will really engage the visitor and also inform they about what your business can offer their business or if a B2C customer then the person visiting the website.
  • Make sure the telephone number and email address are at the top of the website home page as this will make it easy to contact your business.
  • Along the top have clickable social media icons. So much nowadays really does rely on people looking at Facebook/Instagram/X (formerly known as Twitter) TikTok and YouTube for example.  If you have a young demographic then adding Snapchat too is available.
  • At the footer of your pages make sure you have a map showing where your business is and this is a simple link from Google Maps and can be added to any website. This helps with SEO.
  • If you can put some policies up that are relevant to your business. For example, if you are shipping goods like candles or furniture then this is relevant to that market.  If you are collecting data then a Cookies and GDPR policy is a must.  Some businesses have, an anti-slavery policy.
  • Always have your terms and conditions on your website. This is a good page to have as it shows clarity on how you run your business and what your customers can expect from you.
  • The services page should be really clear too and this gives the menu for your customers to purchase or contact you from. Again, this clearly lays out your business and shows what you offer your customers.
  • About us page. So many times, when visiting a website, I see the About Us page and when I visit it is just a generic page telling something about the business but, not the people who work there.  This means I still know very little about the people who run and work in the business.
  • Under the About Us page you can have a meet the team page and this can show the team members and their responsibilities giving some structure to your business
  • This may sound obvious, but, putting the full address on your contact page and website is a real must for your business. Not knowing where a company is based is worrying as it means they do not want you to know where their office is.  I ask myself why would a company not offer this information?
  • Try and have a land line and a mobile if required but, just a mobile says that your company is small and has no infrastructure.
  • I personally like a search button on website as sometimes I visit a website more than once and want to be able to get to the page again quickly.


Remember it is all about being credible and reliable and Google and the other search engines need reliability and authenticity too.

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