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What is graphic gesign?

What is graphic gesign?

Sentio Marketing is a marketing agency which offers graphic design for online and offline products.  In this blog I answer the question what is graphic design?  So many companies use and need graphic design and I do believe many people do not fully understand graphic design so I thought I would address this topic!

What is graphic design

Sentio has been offering graphic design for 11 years; we have developed a full design team to offer design on all levels from branding and logo creation to designing marketing campaigns, brochures, folders and exhibition stands to artwork amends.

To be a designer you need to be fully competent to work in Indesign or Illustrator as well as the Adobe Suite.  Designers are fully trained in their ability to create design for print and online.  They understand how to use the software for setting up artwork for high-res and low-res pdfs.

Often, I am asked “why do I need to have graphic design as I have my artwork already which I have created in photoshop?” Because, very simply, the print machine needs the artwork with bleed/crop marks and in a high-resolution pdf for printing.  This is where the graphic designer comes in.  If we did not need this artwork set up this way, we would not have graphic designers.

For artwork to be created online we don’t need artwork set up for print it needs to be low-resolution and with no bleed and crop marks.  It is really important that artwork is set up correctly for each discipline.

Helpful Tips

I have listed below some top tips to help you understand what graphic design is.

  • Graphic design is a person who can create visual communications through various media platforms that engage and educate the audience to what the communication offers or informs the recipient;
  • All marketing communications need a level of design work from large corporate brochures to business cards and direct marketing campaigns;
  • Artwork for print must be set up in a high-res pdf with bleed of about 3/5mm and crop marks and also all logos must be vector of ai formats;
  • Visual communications for online marketing must be in a low-res file so they load easily on your website or social media platform. Artwork must be in the size suitable for Google Ads display campaigns or Facebook or Instagram.  They can also be hyperlinked to pages on your website or to an online shop;
  • Always employ a graphic designer as they have the software, understanding and know-how to create compelling artwork for your campaigns. Don’t get your daughter to do this as she knows about photoshop or a friend to “whip you up a website” there are reasons why designers go to university and study graphic design and that is work on design projects which help companies with their branding and messaging to their audience;
  • Design is usually charged by the hour or by the project and agreed up front with the client.
  • Amending the artwork is also included in the price up to around 2/3 authors amends;
  • Make sure you keep your designs in files on your pc and well labelled so you can access them easily;
  • Remember with design as with photography if they designer creates the artwork they are legally allowed to keep the artwork. The client does not own that artwork but, has paid for the artwork to be created for use on for example brochure printing.
  • Any changes to artwork are usually given back to the designer to make updates
  • Native files are the original designers, artwork and they can sell or give this to the client once the project has been delivered if they choose to do so.

 Graphic design is the most professional way to create your marketing campaigns for online and offline work.  This will give you the professional look and maintain your brand’s integrity.

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