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Why are business cards so important?

Why are business cards so important?


 The humble business card is still a great way to introduce your business to new clients.  In this news item we Sentio Marketing unpacks why are business cards so important?  For any new or existing business an introduction and first impressions are really important in winning new business and maintaining relationships. 


Business cards can really help with leaving a lasting impression of your business and of course your brand.  Brand awareness is the key to helping your customers recognise what your business stands for. 


With the technology of social media, email, newsletters and websites sometimes it is easy to think that the printed marketing assets are redundant.  Fear not, as they are very much alive and now look and feel far more engaging than ever before.  As technology has moved on so has print and now there are so many ways for your printed business cards to really make a statement and create a lasting impression. 

 Below are some of the techniques Sentio Marketing has and does use for our many clients.   We also offer a full graphic design service too to design your business cards and create the business card of your choice. 


Print techniques and options

  • Scodix, this is a UV gloss raised or foiled finish
  • Foiling, this includes digital foiling, hot foiling and Scodix foiling
  • UV gloss spot this is a clear gloss placed over the desired area but, not raised
  • Embossing this is where part of a text or an image or logo is raised by a stamp pushing the paper to the shape
  • De-bossing this is the reverse of the embossing
  • Letterpress is relief printing, where the text or image is on a raised surface, similar to a rubber stamp. Ink is applied to the raised surface and then paper is pressed directly against it to transfer the text/image
  • Soft touch lamination
  • Matt lamination
  • Gloss lamination


Paper options

  • Duplexing boards to create super thick business crads from 600gsm to 1050gsm or even thicker
  • Coated board which is the most common board to be used
  • Uncoated board such as Colorplan, Tintoretto or Perigrina which can give a rough/textured or pearlescent finish
  • Sentio Marketing uses paper from all the best paper mills and merchants around the UK and Europe, from James Cropper, GMUND, Fedrigoni and Antalis as well as GF Smith.


If you would like further information or would like to arrange an informal chat to discuss your marketing and up and coming projects please contact us by emailing Sentio Marketing

We also offer a sample pack to see our work and examples of what can be achieved through our marketing services. 

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