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Why is it so important to have an SEO strategy?

Why is it so important to have an SEO strategy?

The 6-million-dollar question is why is it so important to have an SEO strategy?

In this post we thought would address the SEO strategy and why every online business however, large or small, should have an SEO strategy for their business.

Over the past year Sentio Marketing has been working hard on SEO strategies for clients and helping with delivering better results across their marketing plans as the SEO impacts on their sales channels.  In this post we will address what is SEO and some top tips for creating a strategy.

what is SEO

What is SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of which improving your website content to drive more traffic to your website and improve the search from search engines, such as Google and Bing.  However, probably the most recognised is Google. 

SEO is organic, what this means is that it is not paid for like Google Ads.  It is targeted through keywords which are specific to your industry.  This is also done through images and videos as well.  Typically, this means a company will have an agency or internal employee to work on keywords and creating relevant content which is useful to the audience. The content must contain the keywords relevant and Google knows if you are trying to cheat the system and will rank your website down if you overuse the keywords.


How do I write my SEO strategy?

This is really important, and it is clear in the digital age all businesses should think about how they attract and promote/engage with new businesses.  SEO is great but it can take time to climb up the rankings of Google, for example.  Patience is needed and a healthy budget.  To be honest if you only spend a few hundred pounds a month this is a start.  Realistically, you will need to think of putting your agency on a retainer. 

The points below are to help you decide when and how you implement your SEO strategy.

  • Make sure your website is compliant and there is no major issues, if so you may need to do some work with your developer to sort out technical problems as this will really impact on your website’s ability to be found.
  • Understand what you would like to get out of your SEO.
  • Create goals these will really help you/your agency to focus on what is key and results.
  • Plan your budget, make sure you have enough budget for your SEO strategy and be prepared to have a twelve-month plan initially.
  • Understand your keywords and prepare a list for your agency of the keywords you would like your business to be found and ranked for. The agency will also put some keywords together through their research
  • Make sure your website is running smoothly. When a website has a poor speed or does not display properly on mobile devices this can really make your audience jump off your site.  Then all the work you have paid for, and hours spent will be for nothing.   If you have a WordPress website then you can have plugins to help with speed and one good plugin is WP Rocket this a paid only plugin but, well worth getting.
  • Focus on quick wins so if there is a particular service which can get you traffic to your website and help with rankings then work on that.
  • Remember be patient, as mentioned earlier, SEO really needs time to work and so planning and understanding the process is really key.


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